Southern Hospitality, Handcrafted

We were transplants to the great state of North Carolina a few years ago. Uprooted from an area that we loved, but one that often has the first impression of being stoic, stand-offish, even icy. We were exicted to move to a region with a different personality. A different culture: one of hospitality.

You can quickly spot those who embody the “Southern Hospitality” identity. These folks are warm, approachable, genuine and down-to-earth. Many have come from humble beginnings and have grown through trials and hardships into the people we love and admire.

Bathtub Tray textureYep, it’s a little poetic, but that same description can be said of the wood used here at Carolina Woodgoods. Almost all of our lumber has been donated through the generosity of friends. Some was timber felled on those friends’ property, sacrificing its tree life so a homestead could be built or land could be farmed. Other material has been reclaimed from the gritty life of a pallet. No matter which beginning, all of it has been transformed for the sake of a new purpose. Something beautiful and simple and useful.

We’d love it if some of our woodgoods could bring a little handcrafted southern hospitality to your home. Take a look around the shop or let us know if there is something custom we could make just for you.